(Xylocopa magnifica)

  • Name: Xylocopa magnifica
  • Rank: species
    • Nesting: Xylocopa magnifica nests in dead wood, creating tunnels where they lay their eggs and store food for their larvae.
    • Pollen Carrying Method: Scopa (Pollen Brushes)
    • Foraging: Unknown
    • Size: Medium, 21-23 mm.
    • Average Length: 28 mm
    • Body Type: Bombiform
    • Coloring: blue, green, black
    • Pattern: unknown
    • Sociality: Solitary, Communal
    • Wings: Large, translucent, veined
    • Eyes: Large and compound
    • Mandibles: Unknown
    • Sting: Sting, pain: moderate, aggression: low
    • Tarsal Claws: Curved and robust
    • Abdomen: Large, metallic sheen
    • Antennae: medium
    • Hair: Dense, black, shiny hairs
    • Colorado Native: false
    Additional Notes: – Known as the Magnificent Carpenter Bee – Native to Southeast Asia, primarily Indonesia – Large in size, metal-green or blue hues – Solitary, nidification in wood – Pollen and nectar as diet – Significant role in pollination – Relatively low aggression

    Identification Tips: Large size; metallic green-blue coloration; robust, hairy body; large mandibles; relatively hairless, shiny abdomen; solitary bees; found in Southeast Asia.

    ID: 1106714

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