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  • Nesting: unknown
  • Pollen Carrying Method: Abdominal Collection
  • Foraging: Unknown
  • Size: Tiny, 5-8 mm.
  • Average Length: 7 mm
  • Body Type: Andreniform
  • Coloring: black, yellow
  • Pattern: unknown
  • Sociality: Solitary
  • Wings: unknown
  • Eyes: Unknown
  • Mandibles: Unknown
  • Sting: Stingless, pain: none, aggression: low
  • Tarsal Claws: Bifid tarsal claws.
  • Abdomen: Unknown
  • Antennae: unknown
  • Hair: unknown
  • Colorado Native: true
Additional Notes: – Genus of bees in the Andrenidae family – Commonly found in North America – Solitary ground-nesting habits – Primarily known for visiting and pollinating flowers – Adult bees are typically active in early spring

Identification Tips: Small to medium-sized bees. Characteristically shiny and hairy bodies, predominantly black or dark brown. Females often have distinctive pollen-collecting hairs on their hind legs. Males typically smaller with slender bodies. Common traits include prominent mandibles, long antennae, and segmented abdomen. Usually found in areas with abundant flowers.


  • Name: Erandrena
  • Rank: subgenus
  • ID: 571386

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