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  • Nesting: Caupolicana notabilis typically nests in burrows dug into the ground. These burrows are often found in flat or gently sloping terrain with sandy or loose soil that facilitates excavation. The bees prefer areas with minimal vegetation cover.
  • Pollen Carrying Method: Abdominal Collection
  • Foraging: Unknown
  • Size: Medium, 12-16 mm.
  • Average Length: 20 mm
  • Body Type: Andreniform
  • Coloring: black, yellow
  • Pattern: stripes
  • Sociality: Solitary
  • Wings: Hyaline wings, dark venation
  • Eyes: Large, compound eyes
  • Mandibles: Mandibles: broad, toothed
  • Sting: Stingless, pain: none, aggression: low
  • Tarsal Claws: Unknown
  • Abdomen: Unknown
  • Antennae: medium
  • Hair: unknown
  • Colorado Native: true
Additional Notes: Unknown

Identification Tips: Robust bee with a black body. Noticeable yellowish-brown thorax. Hairy legs and distinct, wide, flat tongue. Typically found in arid regions.

(Caupolicana notabilis)

  • Name: Caupolicana notabilis
  • Rank: species
  • ID: 993945

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