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  • Nesting: Nesting habit: burrows in the ground, often in hard-packed soil or compacted clay. Typically, solitary but may nest in aggregations.
  • Pollen Carrying Method: Scopa (Pollen Brushes)
  • Foraging: Polylectic
  • Size: Small, 11-13 mm.
  • Average Length: 13 mm
  • Body Type: Apiform
  • Coloring: black, yellow, brown
  • Pattern: stripes, solid
  • Sociality: Solitary
  • Wings: Furry, robust, rapid, unknown
  • Eyes: Hairy eye margins
  • Mandibles: Unknown
  • Sting: Stingless, pain: none, aggression: low
  • Tarsal Claws: Bifid tarsal claws
  • Abdomen: Yellow stripes, dense hair
  • Antennae: medium
  • Hair: Densely hairy, branched hairs
  • Colorado Native: true
Additional Notes: Species of solitary bee. Family: Apidae. Commonly found in North America. Known for fast, darting flight. Commonly nests in burrows.

Identification Tips: Medium-sized bee, robust body, densely fuzzy. Females: predominantly dark with pale hair bands, distinctively hairy hind legs. Males: lighter, often with yellowish facial markings, longer antennae. Both sexes: strong fliers, seen hovering near flowers. Coastal and desert regions of western North America.

(Anthophora iole)

  • Name: Anthophora iole
  • Rank: species
  • ID: 1358261

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