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  • Nesting: Underground burrows, preferably in sandy or loose soil
  • Pollen Carrying Method: Scopa (Pollen Brushes)
  • Foraging: Unknown
  • Size: Small, 10-12 mm.
  • Average Length: 15 mm
  • Body Type: Euceriform
  • Coloring: yellow, brown, black
  • Pattern: stripes
  • Sociality: Solitary
  • Wings: Transparent, veined, membranous
  • Eyes: Large, compound eyes
  • Mandibles: Unknown
  • Sting: Sting, pain: moderate, aggression: moderate
  • Tarsal Claws: Unknown
  • Abdomen: Dense hair, usually banded
  • Antennae: medium
  • Hair: Dense, reddish-brown, long
  • Colorado Native: true
Additional Notes: Species of bee Family: Apidae Solitary bee Found in Europe and Asia Nests in the ground Pollinates a variety of flowers Fast-flying insect

Identification Tips: Medium-sized bee, robust body. Dense hair on thorax. Hind legs with thick scopae. Mainly dark coloration with lighter bands on abdomen. Male antennae longer. Look for fast, darting flight near flowers.

(Anthophora affinis)

  • Name: Anthophora affinis
  • Rank: species
  • ID: 784916

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