Adelaide Broad-tongue (Euryglossa adelaidae)

  • Name: Euryglossa adelaidae
  • Rank: species
    • Nesting: Unknown
    • Pollen Carrying Method: Scopa (Pollen Brushes)
    • Foraging: Oligolectic
    • Size: Small, 8-10 mm.
    • Average Length: 10 mm
    • Body Type: Hylaeiform
    • Coloring: black, yellow
    • Pattern: unknown
    • Sociality: Solitary
    • Wings: unknown
    • Eyes: Unknown
    • Mandibles: Unknown
    • Sting: Stingless, pain: none, aggression: low
    • Tarsal Claws: Unknown
    • Abdomen: Hairy, striped abdomen
    • Antennae: short
    • Hair: unknown
    • Colorado Native: false
    Additional Notes: Bee species. Native to Australia. Part of the Colletidae family. Solitary nesting behavior. Pollinates native flora. Present in South Australian regions. Distinctive broad tongue for nectar collection.

    Identification Tips: Small bee, about 6-8mm in length. Black body with sparse pale hair. Broad, flattened mouthparts. Often found on flowers like those of Myrtaceae family. Distinctive white bands on abdomen. Active in early spring.

    ID: 603336

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