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We are dedicated to the education of Colorado native bees. Colorado has the 5th largest diversity of bees recorded at 946 different species.


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Bee Identification

Bees (Anthophila)

Learn more about the different types of bees. The diverse Colorado Bee species range from the common Mason Bees to the larger more identifiable Bumble Bees.

Colorado is home to several native bee species. Some of the native bees found in Colorado include:

  1. Mason bees (Osmia spp.): There are various species of mason bees native to Colorado. They are solitary bees that are known for their efficient pollination capabilities.
  2. Bumblebees (Bombus spp.): Bumblebees are large, fuzzy bees that are excellent pollinators. Several species of bumblebees are native to Colorado, including appositus, balteatus, bifarius, californicus, centralis, fernaldae, fervidus, huntii, insularis & nevadensis.
  3. Sweat bees (Halictidae family): Sweat bees are small to medium-sized bees that are often attracted to perspiration. They are important pollinators and several species of sweat bees are native to Colorado.
  4. Typical Mining Bees (Andreninae): Mining bees are ground-nesting bees that are solitary and non-aggressive. Several species of mining bees are native to Colorado and can be found in a variety of habitats.
  5. Large Carpenter Bees (Xylocopa): Carpenter bees are large bees that are known for their ability to drill nesting holes in wood. While they are not as common as some other native bees, there are a few species of carpenter bees native to Colorado.

These are just a few examples of the native bee species found in Colorado. There are many more bee species that contribute to the state’s biodiversity and play important roles in pollination.

Sweat Bees (Halictidae)

Sweat Bees (Halictidae)

Sweat Bees Name: Halictidae Rank: family The Halictidae is the second largest family of Apoidea bees. Halictid species occur all over the world and are usually dark-colored and often metallic in appearance. Several species are all or partly green and a few…
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